I’m a pretty honest person when I have to be. I think it’s one of those times. There are some things that you may need to know about me…and hopefully it won’t make you stop reading my blog. (Please stay)

Confession #1: I have never seen a Harry Potter movie.

Whenever I tell this to people, they basically shun me. It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s just that I have no interest in it. My best friend actually loves Harry Potter. But me? I’m more of a Twilight person. Even though the books are better than the movies, my heart still skips a beat when I see the Breaking Dawn commercial. And yes…I’m team Edward.

put yo hand down child!

Confession #2: I have never had a boyfriend.

I know it’s not that big of a deal, but it gets worse…I’ve never been kissed either. It’s totally like that one movie, Never Been Kissed, with Drew Barrymore. Oh wait…she was in high school? And I’m in college? #awkward. It’s not like I’m on the hunt for a boyfriend or anything. I remember when my friend dragged me to a football game to scout for boyfriends. Yeah…I think I was scarred.

how about, "i'm the girl who never has a boyfriend"

Confession #3: I have been listening to country music. all. day. long.

Don’t judge me. It’s good. Every time I play it in the dorm, my roommates want to chuck my computer across the room. But then I tell them to wait a little and give it a chance….then they still want to chuck it across the room. I have been loving Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and of course, Rascal Flatts. 


Confession #4: I still listen to N’SYNC and Jonas Brothers.

When I’m not listening to country music (see #3) I’m most likely listening to some good ‘ol N’SYNC or Jonas Brothers. ( roommates hate me.) What can I say?? I’m a sucker for cute boy bands. Speaking of cuteness…did anybody else have a huge crush on Lance Bass? Yeah..sad day…sad day. Besides N’SYNC, I also listen to Jonas Brothers. The best is to listen to them when I’m running. Then, it’s like I am running towards Nick who is at the end of the street. Embarrassing much? Not to mention, I have been to two of their concerts…

i mean really. how can you not love them?

Confession #5: Sometimes when I cook, I pretend I’m on Food Network.

One day, I would love to have my own healthy cooking show on Food Network. So I need to practice. Right? Somebody please say they do this too…anybody?

she would totally approve of my food...obvi

Confession #6: My favorite channel is Lifetime.

Anybody ever heard of Lifetime? It’s kind of like TLC but there are lots more cheesy movies that you know you love. Don’t lie. You love them. I have learned so many life lessons from those movies. You think I’m kidding? My favorite movie: The Pregnancy Pact. Life lesson: Don’t have sex. Besides those movies, I also love the show, Unsolved Mysteries. I’m watching it right now actually. I don’t even know how to explain it…just watch it…now.


Confession #8: I tend to overshop…just a little. 

I was out of peanut butter and greek yogurt so I made the trek to Trader Joes to restock the goods. Well of course I couldn’t just get just two things. Exhibit A: 


-peanut butter puffins

-joe’s O’s

-red pepper tomato reduced sodium soup

-pb x 2

-sunflower butter

-marinara sauce

-rice cakes

-local kombucha

-greek yogurt x 2

-green beans x 3

-baby carrots


-honeycrisp apples


And then I stopped at Big 5 to get some Gu for my half marathon tomorrow (it will be #3 on my 21 before 21 goal! Woot!). And of course I couldn’t get just one. Exhibit B:

chocolate x2, espresso x2, vanilla = Gu's

Yeah…I have a problem. A very, very delicious problem.

Confession #7: I am sort of, kind of, definitely in love with Sunwarrior Protein Powder

First off, can you say, best segway ever? But really, this stuff is good. I received some samples to review so I happily enjoyed them.

Their motto is: “Transforming the planet one warrior at a time.” They have a line of protein powders to help people be the best at what they are. All of their powders: gluten free, soy free, dairy free, hypo-allergenic, and non-gmo. It’s even a complete amino acid! That, my friends, is hard to come by.

To try out, the wonderful Andrea at Sunwarrior sent me the warrior blend and original blend.

First up: warrior blend. This is a blend of their proprietary protein blend (pea protein, cranberry protein, and hemp protein).

vanilla and chocolate flavors

chocolate: Oh my goodness. This stuff is no joke guys. Too many protein powders are grainy and really fake tasting. This stuff was the total opposite! I added mine to a bowl of oats.

oats, almond milk, banana, vanilla extract, sunwarrior chocolate warrior blend protein powder, pb

I wasn’t even able to tell that it was protein powder. It tasted just like chocolate!

vanilla: Once again, I couldn’t even tell it was there. This protein powder is great in oats to add an extra punch of protein to keep you satisfied all day, everyday.

oats, pumpkin puree, banana, cinnamon, vanilla extract, sunwarrior vanilla warrior blend + almond butter

Next up: original blend

vanilla and chocolate flavors

chocolate: I decided to add this protein powder to some frozen bananas to make some soft serve. It wasn’t too chocolately but it made some darn good soft serve.

frozen bananas, almond milk, sunwarrior chocolate original blend

vanilla: So I was a little hesitant putting this protein powder into a smoothie because I once put too much protein powder in a smoothie and I was basically scarred. But this totally changed my mind. I couldn’t even detect it was there. We got a winner here people!

frozen mixed berries, frozen bananas, almond milk, ground flax seed, spirulina, sunwarrior vanilla original blend

Overall, I totally loved Sunwarrior. No fake stuff in their products. All wholesome goodness…just how I like it.


I hope you guys were not turned away by my love of country music and tendency to over shop. You guys are good people 🙂


Any confessions? Spill!





23 thoughts on “confessions

  1. #2 and #3 are me too! Who knows, maybe you and I will snag ourselves some country boys one day heehee 😉
    My confessions– I spend more money on yummy foods than on anything else, I know all the words to ice ice baby, and I can’t sleep without my stuffed animal killer whale 😀

  2. Confession – I spend way too much of my nearly non existant free time browsing food blogs.
    Most of the bookmarks on my computer are recipies 😛
    When I run on tredmills I always imagine I’m running a race in front of thousands of people.

    And I didn’t see the harry potter movies till just recently either, so I know where you’re coming from 🙂

  3. I love your confessions too! You’ve got an awesome blog and I truly enjoy reading your thoughts. What really hit home with me tonight was your comment……….”I’m a pretty honest person when I have to be…….” such a simple statement. Keep up the good work and hope you get to cook all through your Thanksgiving vacation.

    A reader from Boston, Ma.

  4. Hey,I like Rascal Flatts,too! 😀
    & I have seen for of eight (?) Harry Potter movies,but I’m not a great fan of them at all – the books are way better! Well,but I have to admit I did not finish reading the last one because it was just so… boring! OH,that was a confession already,wasn’t it?! 😉
    Okay,confessions… I am a sucker for cute food, e.g. Snackimals! Sometimes,I even buy things just because there are adorable little animals on the package… As soon as it looks cute,I want to buy almost any crap you can think of!
    I hate crowds. I feel so uncomfortable if there are many people at one place & I am always afraid of “getting lost” there.
    I am a crybaby! When a movie or a book gets too touching,I am sobbing in no time…
    Oh,and your #5 is me,too! 😛

  5. Loved this post! I havent seen any of the Harry Potter (or Twilight) movis, I’ve never had a BF, sometimes I pretend to be on a cooking show to! 😛
    I have never tried Sun Warrior protein powder either but hope to soon! They’re protein powder sounds really good! 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  6. I love confessions! These are so cool. 😛
    In the books I”m Team Edward…in the movies I’m Team Jacob (because of his apparent hotness 😉 )
    Confessions- I hate hot oatmeal. I swear if a lot of bloggers knew this, they’d hate my guts but I just don’t see why they love it. I’m glad they do but it’s not for me. It’s the whole texture thing… 😛

    Have a great weekend! ❤

  7. I love confessions. I’ve never read Harry Potter but I’ve seen all the movies, and I still get excited when I see a trailer for the next Twilight movie. Breaking Dawn part 1! Even though the books were terribly written it was still a cute story. And I found my boyfriend when I wasn’t looking. It’s best to not look. The best guys come out of that. Well, most of the time. There’s nothing wrong with not having a boyfriend.
    Confession: I hate oatmeal. The texture is just weird, I can’t do it.
    Confession: I know all the words to just about every song in just about every Disney movie. I even have some whole movies memorized. Beauty and the Beast…
    Have a great weekend!

  8. we are super similar!! (minus the harry potter part, haha) i’ve never been kissed/had a boyfriend and i’m a senior in high school – it used to bug me but now it’s like, hey it’s gonna happen when it’s gonna happen. i don’t want to force it! 🙂

    i also have been listening to country music like crazy and i love nsync and jonas brothers- brings back the good ‘ol times!

    confession: i dance around whenever a song i know comes on the radio- especially when i’m cleaning!
    confession #2: i call my cats ridiculous names. schmoopiepoo, fluffernutter, cinnyboo… the list goes on and on!!

  9. I love love country music!!! And I was not a harry potter fan until I watched the last two. It was amazing and now I love Harry Potter. 🙂

  10. I lovee country music so so much too! Nice choice 🙂 And I have seen the HP movies but they kinda suck compared to the books! My confession is that I spend money on food/groceries/healthy stuff more than anything else!

  11. I have to admit I am a bit shocked you have never seen a HP movie! Owell, they aren’t for everyone!! I swear I thought I was the only one that paraded around my kitchen pretending I was on Iron Chef!! HAHA!

  12. I think your confessions are great and make you who you are. When you find someone worth kissing they will love all these quirks 😉

  13. Same here with numbers 1, 2, and 8! 😀 I’ve been wanting to try Sunwarrior for such long time now. I need to go get myself a bag as soon as possible because I noticed how much longer extra protein for breakfast holds me over. Is that just almond butter and the protein powder as a topping on the pumpkin oats? It looks so good!

  14. Oh. My. Gosh. Lifetime movies are my one true love! They are so stinking AWESOME! Pregnance Pact was AMAZING. Girl Positive was incredible! Speak makes me cry. Seriously, I could watch lifetime movies all day, every day.

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