and i’m back

Heyyy!! Sorry for being completely MIA these past fews days. The internet connection at triathlon camp was non-existent so blogging was totally out of the question. Plus, I was going non-stop, so there would have been zero time to blog anyways.

i am the third girl from the right...basically in the middle

Camp was amazing! So much fun and I learned a ton. I’ll give you all a little rundown of how the weekend went:


1:00pm – check in

2:00pm – running hill workout (<–I gotta work on these.)

3:30pm – break/snack

4:00pm – bike skills (<–I am a complete newby on the road bike!)

6:00pm – dinner (<–tacos, babaayy)

6:30pm – open water swimming talk

7:30pm – nutrition talk

9:30pm – sleeeeeep! (<–I haven’t slept this good in so long. Best night of sleep ever, dare I say?)

So Friday was a good day 🙂 I was just super tired because of going to bed at 3:30am (I went to the midnight premiere of Paranormal Activity 3-let’s not talk about that movie) plus we had a 4 hour drive. But overall, a good day!


8:00am – 2 hr bike ride

10:00am – break/snack

10:30am – open water swim (<–water wasn’t too cold. thank goodness I had the wetsuit though)

1:00pm – lunch (<–make your own sandwiches and chili)

2:00pm – transition practice (<–there is a big learning curve to this!)

3:30pm – break/snack

4:00pm – run (I went with the 6 miler. in one word: horrible. yeah, lets not talk about this one anymore)

6:00pm – dinner (<–pasta and salad)

6:30pm – another talk about random yet useful stuff

10:00pm – sleeeeep! (<–once again, an amazing night of sleep)

Saturday was a jam packed day! There was always something to do and boy was I tired by the end of the day.


7:30am – bike ride to run

10:00am – break/snack

10:30am – open water swim (<–wayyy colder! eeep!)

12:00pm – lunch (make your own sandwiches)

1:00pm – say our goodbyes and leave 😦

Even though today was a shorter day, it wasn’t any easier. But still…fun fun fun!

Overall, I LOVED CAMP! There was about 30 campers so it was very personalized. The coaches were amazing. There were 3 professionals, 2 tri coaches, and a 2004 Olympian! I learned so much and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

There are a ton of things I learned about triathlons but that is boring stuff that I’m sure you don’t want to hear about. So instead, I wanted to share some other things I learned…about life:

1) Eating stuff like white pasta, cookies, and non-organic chicken won’t kill you. Not gonna lie, I was a little apprehensive about the whole lunch/dinner situation. I wasn’t sure what food they would have, where it came from, or how it was prepared. While at meal times, I noticed that the coaches (including the pros and Olympians) were eating all these foods. White pasta? Yep. A cookie? Heck yeah. Non-organic chicken? Of course. Does that mean I ate these foods and that fear is gone? No. I still have that fear but that puts my mind at ease a little bit to let me know that it is really okay.

2) Athletes come in all shapes and sizes. The 3 pro triathletes were all different sizes. One was a guy, and 2 were women. The women were mind blowing. They weren’t stick thin. They weren’t sticklers for health. They were what women should be like. They worked out and they ate. Yes, they even ate white pasta and cookies!

Olympic Athletes

 3) Don’t take life so seriously. There were lots of mess ups over the weekend. Spills on the bike, getting lost on trails, anxiety in the water. But with every mess up, people got up and laughed it off. They didn’t dwell on it. They kept on going, with a smile on their face. This is how life should be. When a mess up comes up, laugh it off, and move on. It will be okay.

4) Nobody is perfect. That’s right…nobody. Even the coaches messed up at times. They even told us some funny stories about some of their best mess up moments. And you know what they did about it? They laughed. They didn’t act perfect because they aren’t. And neither is any person.

This weekend has made me so much stronger…physically and mentally. When I think about my life a year ago, I want to cringe. I was so miserable…I didn’t want to go on anymore. Now, I love life. That’s right people…I LOVE LIFE. I am actually tearing up a little bit while writing this post because I am so happy of the progress I have made. Never would I have though that I would have come this far. But guess what? I have. It wasn’t easy and there are still days where it is hard. But right now, I love life and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

P.S. I wanted to share this with you all:

text message i got from my mom

When other people see that I am happy…I know that I am truly happy 🙂


19 thoughts on “and i’m back

  1. I am honestly SO proud of you! I can relate to how you felt when seeing the Olympians eating the white pasta/cookies (things you would have thought they wouldn’t be eating) and I think it’s amazing that it brought you closer to feeling “ok, maybe it isn’t so bad!”

    To be honest, I started to tear up near the end of this post too! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU 🙂 Honestly. So proud.

  2. Okay, so now I want to go to Triathlon camp. It sounds like you learned a lot about the sport! More importantly, it sounds like it was just the experience you needed to help keep you down to earth. I find that spending time with other people and trying new things helps me a lot with that. I’m glad you had such an amazing time!

  3. I’m jealous! The camp looks like so much fun.
    I’m happy that you were able to enjoy yourself. In the picture your all smiles 🙂
    When you mentioned the pro athletes eating white pasta and cookies this for me reinforces that I need to be ok with eating these type of foods. It’s all about balance right.

  4. aww! This post makes me SMILE!! I bet i was a huge challenge to eat that food – I know I would’ve struggled. But it looks like you had TONS of fun and learned a ton, and its a great reminder to just…get out of your own head a bit :). I totally wanna go to this camp!

  5. Wow it sounds like you had an awesome time and learned alot. Thanks for sharing!! I used to really fear carbs, but I was so tired all the time. Now Ive learned all about moderation and eating different kinds of carbs. The picture of all the athletes is really interesting. Just a reminder were all different sizes 🙂

  6. Wow it sounds like you had an AMAZING time at camp..your schedule looked intense! Thank you so much for sharing all those things you learned in camp..I agree with every single one of them. It’s so difficult to accept imperfections because we are wired to always want to be the best – we gotto learn that it is okay to have flaws.

    I love that carbs tshirt btw 🙂

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