you know you’re in college when…

Oh college…it’s the best of times and the worst best of times 😉 My life has changed so much since being in college. Here are a few that let you know that you’re in college. (P.S. Of course you know if you would be in college or not…if you didn’t know, you should probably not party so hardy).

1) Going to bed at 11pm is considered early. I used to go to bed so early at home. Now, there is stuff always going on…especially late at night. It doesn’t matter if it’s Wednesday night or Saturday night, there is always something to do. I’m the type of person who needs their sleep. But when all the other roommates are hanging out in the living room, of course I’m going to join in!

2) Writing a paper is no big deal. I used to freak out at the word paper. Now, it’s a common occurrence. I probably have one every week. They still suck. That part doesn’t get any better…

i wished i looked this good while writing papers...

3) Getting an email from the campus post office saying you have a package is the best thing ever. No really. It’s the best thing ever. If I get that golden email from the mail room, I will drop everything I have and sprint fast walk. And then you feel really popular walking back to your dorm with a package 😉

i haven't gotten this package. yet. *hint**hint*

4) The trash can piles up and you only take it out when you absolutely have to. I hate taking out the trash. Partly because I’m lazy and partly because I’m lazy. (That’s right…you read that right right). The trash can just keeps on piling up and you only take it out when it is overflowing. My roommates and I take turns taking it to the larger trashcan but still…the trash can is so far away! (In reality, it isn’t that far. But try telling my lazy brain that.)

yep that's pretty much what our trash can looks like

5) Losing your ID card is like losing your life savings. Okay maybe it’s not that bad. But it’s bad! My ID card has so much on it: the key to my dorm, my meal plan, and extra money for other places on campus. One time I dropped it in a parking lot and almost had a heartache when I realized that I lost it. Luckily, the store called and said they had it. You better believe that I sprinted to that place to pick it up!

i should really invest in this

Of course, all of these are based off of my personal experiences but they are so true for a lot of college students around here.


P.S. I am going to be away for the next three days for a triathlon camp. I leave super early tomorrow morning (6 am…wahhh!) and then I will get back late on Sunday. I will try and post and things may be sporadic, but bare with me 🙂

You’re turn! “You know you’re a (college student, high school student, runner, photographer, lion tamer, etc.) when _________.”


25 thoughts on “you know you’re in college when…

  1. #3 is soooo true! Heck I get excited when any mail comes haha 😉 have fun that the triathlon camp!
    You know you’re a college student when paying for textbooks costs as much as buying a new car 😛

  2. I LOVE this post. Everything here is so true!
    You know you’re a college student food blogger when you brainstorm microwave culinary creations 😉 Or when your suite mates ask what the hell you’re eating. That’s a pretty common one too 😉

  3. haha omg. I have to say that 12am is considered early for me. but as for the papers, the higher you go up, the less papers you have to write (until you’re a grad). sadly I had to write a 15 page research paper that was due earlier today. it was killer and I stressed MAJORLY over it.

    for me, I know I’m a college student when I don’t have as much time to blog. 😦

    • i wish i went to bed at 9:30!

      and you’re so right…you know when you’re a runner when you snack every 2-3 hrs! my friends are always like, why do you eat so much? haha

  4. Aw! These are SO true! However, several of them apply to life after college (um, I still resist taking out the trash at all times! Also, packages are still SUPER exciting…or maybe I am just super lame!).

    You know you are old….. when going to bed at 10PM is staying up late…..when a trip to the library is one of your favorite things to do….when grocery shopping is one of your weekly highlights!

  5. Yeah, I’m with you on the sleep thing- I’m definitely used to more sleep than what I get when I’m at school.. sigh. You know you’re in college if your blood composition is now at least half caffeine ;).

    (I myself am not a huge coffee drinker, but the lineups at Tim Hortons don’t lie!)

  6. All of these are so true! Even though I don’t live on campus anymore I still get all sorts of crazy excited when I get a package. 🙂 You know you are in college when…. the free T-shirts they are handing out on campus are like gold!

  7. Haha, I remember all of those things about college! Especially losing the ID card! I think I lost mine twice and it was horrible.

  8. I feel like such a grandma cause I go to bed at 11 every night! But I have early-ish classes and need my sleep!

    One time last year my prox card to get into my building fell off and I almost flipped out! Luckily I found it just a few feet away. Now I always triple check to make sure I have my keys with me all the time!

  9. HA! I love this. Luckily, I’m in a design program so I actually haven’t written a paper at all this year (knock on wood!).
    Have fun at the triathalon camp! It sounds like a blast 😀

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