So remember that sweet potato chip fail yesterday? Well I can’t forget about it because every time I open the microwave, it smells like fire. It’s lovely. Anyways, this morning I really wanted a pumpkin spice latte. I had two options: pay 4 bucks for one at Starbucks or make my own. I went with the latter.

Therefore, I went on the quest to make a simple yet equally delicious pumpkin spice latte.Β I combined some coffee, skim milk, and almond milk then microwaved it for a minute. Then this is where the magic happens…

I ended up adding about a tablespoon of crack pumpkin butter. Mixed it all up. Microwave for 30 more seconds and then BAM! Easiest pumpkin spice latte ever.

Now that, my friends, is kitchen redemption.


13 thoughts on “redemption

  1. I’m pretty sure the jar of pumpkin butter costs less than the latte itself. Love this idea!! Nothing is better than a warm pumpkin spice latte and a cool autumn day!

  2. BEST IDEA EVER. I love those freakin Sbux lattes, but seeing as I’m both soy AND lactose AND whey intolerant…someone can’t drink lattes. booo. But now I can make one with almond milk!! And umm pumpkin butter tastes so much better than that fake syrup junk, just sayin.


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