wiaw #4 – a quickie

Happy WIAW everybody! Today is going to be a quick one because I have lotssss of homework and catching up to do.Breakfast:

I didn’t take a picture of this…sorry 😦 I had a mix of 1/2 c oats, strawberry chobani, fage 0% greek yogurt, chia seeds, ground flax seeds, and a splash of almond milk. Then on the side I had some strawberries!


I ❤ sandwiches! I always forget just how much I love them until I have one.

mustard, cucumbers, red onions, spinach, shredded carrots, avocado, whole wheat bread

it was delicioussss

I also had an unpictured orange. And banana with peanut butter.


2 rice cakes with pb and pumpkin butter


A HUGE salad. And oh so scrumptious.

lettuce, shredded carrots, mushrooms, cucumbers, kidney beans, chicken, avocado, nooch, tomato sauce, and topped with garlic gold (<---a.k.a. little nuggets of heaven)

I also thought that some sweet potato chips sounded good. I heard that you could do it in the microwave so I thought, hey i’ll give it a try!


as thinly sliced as possible

I put them in the microwave for 5 minutes but they ended up not yet being chip-like. So I put them in for 2 minutes more…

burnt sweet potato chip anyone?

….that was apparently too long because once I opened the microwave, smoke came out. There goes my bright idea for some sweet potato chips. #fail


Have a great WIAW everybody!


Any kitchen fails lately?

What are some good eats as of recently? 



42 thoughts on “wiaw #4 – a quickie

  1. Poor sweet potato chips haha I had a major kitchen fail the other day when my eggs exploded in the microwave, it took forever to clean up
    I love your epic salad beast dinner, that looks delicious! Good luck on your homework and happy WIAW girly!! 😀

  2. I am intrigued by this ‘chips in the microwave’ idea…but I’d probably fail as well. 🙂

    Recently rediscovered the joys of a rice cake slathered in peanut butter–something I loved as a kid and forgot how perfect it was. [The rice cake really helps with de-stickifying the PB in your mouth, don’t you think?]

  3. oh no those poor chips. I’ll try that sometime, as we have a somewhat dodgy oven but a mostly reliable microwave.
    Love the sound of your breakfast, I can almost imagine! Good luck with work and managing it- I’ve got some to catch up on as well.
    I tried making brownies for my flatmates last week and completely burned them. Cooking in the metric system is obviously not my forte.

  4. Mm yum that salad does looks good! Especially with avocado in it 🙂

    I was too hungry last week and grabbed my Mexican Lasagna wayyyy too early out of the oven so cheese in the bottom is still not melted and very intact…LOL I was too hungry and lazy to put it back in the oven anyway lol.

  5. The microwave is my arch enemy. Things ALWAYS explode or burn when I use it! I have never tried to make sweet potato chips in the microwave and I don’t think I ever will–The oven is my new BFF!

  6. Oh no those poor chips! Why does the microwave always tend to destroy everything if you leave it in a second to long? My roommate and I have a gas stove and a few weeks ago I caught the handle of a pan on fire. Whoops! The fire alarm even went off. Haha

  7. ahahaha its ok, one time I tried to sautee sweet potato chunnks? um yeah, that’s not how you cook potatoes lololololol.

    The rest of your eats look delicious though!! I totally miss dining hall salad messes 🙂

  8. Haha,so I’m not the only one who regularly almost sets the microwave on fire? Good to know! 😀
    I often pick up such delicious vegetarian spreads from the whole food store. When heating them,they become absolutely creamy & saucy; perfect for pasta or quinoa and stuff! Unfortunately,they tend to explode quite easily in the microwave,too… I don’t want to count the times I had to clean the whole thing because I didn’t pay enough attention to it,lol 😉

  9. All your food looks so good! I’ve read about making chips in the microwave but haven’t ever tried it. I’ve had so many kitchen fails I can’t count them all, lol.

  10. will you make me that sandwich?? haha it looks so good! everything looks delicious and i love finding new ideas from you! poor sweet potato 😦 haha that would have been awesome if the microwave chips would have worked. i ❤ the microwave.

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