pantry restock

One day away from my marathon people!! I am so excited, nervous, anxious, scared, and basically every other adjective like that. But the best part is….my parents are here to cheer me on! They drove up today and got here around 5pm. I was uber duber low on food so we went to Trader Joes and Costco πŸ™‚

Trader Joes:

-organic reduced sugar apricot jelly

-peanut butter with roasted flaxseeds <–I’ve had the almond butter with roasted flaxseeds before and it is uhhhmazing so I hope this one’s the same

-pumpkin butter x 4 <–That’s right…4 jars. Yet I still feel like I should have gotten more… Basically, this stuff is like crack. I will be slathering it on everything from toast to tofu (it’s delicious on tofu…don’t judge).

-organic canned pumpkin x 2 <–pumpkin oatmeal anyone?

-bbq sauce <–best. bbq. sauce. ever. (yes. those. periods. are. very. necessary.)

-marinara sauce <–great on salads

-sweet potatoes <–Oprah likes them too!

-1 lb of dark chocolate <—Yeahhh buddy! This stuff is going to go into my oatmeal since I ate all the chocolate chips…oops. The cashier at Trader Joes even gave me the idea of dipping the chocolate in the pumpkin butter. She’s a smart lady.


-prunes <–No, I’m not an old person. Yes, I love fiber.

-fage 0%

-single packets of organic hummus


-organic precooked chicken strips

-avocados <–So excited to finally have these!


Then earlier in the day, I went to a local store, Oliver’s, because I was out of oatmeal. Eeep!

3 lbs of oatmeal babyyyy

After grocery shopping, we went out for some dinner. We ended up at a thai restaurant that got good reviews on Yelp. (Yelp is the greatest website ever by the way…besides Pinterest. Obvi.) It’s called Lynn’s and it was awesome! This was my second time at a thai restaurant. (The first experience wasn’t so great.) But this time was so so sooo good! I got the tofu spring rolls with peanut sauce and a side of brown rice.

tofu, rice noodles, cucumber, shredded carrots, and basil wrapped in rice paper + peanut sauce

brown rice in a funky shape

This dinner was the real deal! Who would ever think of combining all of those flavors and making it into a spring roll? A genius, that’s who! I want another one. Right now.


On a different note, I have a very busy weekend ahead:

-2 english papers

-a poster for philosphy

-study for computer science quiz

-run a marathon

-hang out with my parents <–most important!


Anybody else obsessed with pumpkin butter? Or ever had spring rolls before?

And keep asking questions for the Q&A!



14 thoughts on “pantry restock

  1. I love the way running the marathon is number 4 on the list – GOOD LUCK!
    Looks like a great haul and it’s not just you, I’ve got really into prunes lately… I gave a colleague one the other day and he wasn’t impressed πŸ™‚

  2. Dang you got yourself some delicious stuff! I’ve never had pumpkin butter, but since I’m so obsessed with pumpkin already, I’m sure I’d go bonkers haha πŸ˜‰
    Good luck at your race!!! You’re totally gonna rock! πŸ˜€

  3. WHOA wait…TJ’s makes peanut butter with flax?!?! Hmm. well, I know where MY saturday errands are taking me today :-P. And YES to the pumpkin butter, it’s a pre-workout favorite of mine on toast for sure!

    GOOD LUCK AT YOUR MARATHON!!!!!! I hope that thai food was good carb-loading! πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve never had pumpkin butter before, but it sounds good, I’ll have to get some next time I’m at Trader joes!

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