hi, my name’s haley and i’m addicted to pinterest

Pinterest is a very very dangerous website. Don’t go on it. I said don’t do it! I will gladly spend hours on the website…until it’s 10 at night and I realize I haven’t done any homework yet. Oops. I have found so much good stuff. Over the course of about 3 hours, I have pinned 130 things. My pinterest is going to get very very full. Very very soon. So I just had to share some of the things I’ve been pinning. Enjoy and don’t get too addicted. Too late? That’s okay…I won’t judge 😉

i have found my wedding dress. now i just need a husband...or probably a boyfriend first

i'm loving this style

i need these....now

oh heyyy

i can't breathe...

i've found my husband. mrs haley franko....i like it

story of my life...

you bet!

so true...oh so true

too cute!

i couldn't have said it better myself

i want this plastered on my wall

best thing i have seen in a long time

That is only a few of the things I have pinned. If you want to see the rest, check out my page on pinterest 🙂

I am going to be doing a Q&A post so please…ask questions! 🙂


21 thoughts on “hi, my name’s haley and i’m addicted to pinterest

  1. Ahhhh I love this post!!! The hamsters are too cute for words, I want those Toms too, and that wedding dress is drop dead gorgeous….maybe you can snag one of these hunky men and force him to be your husband?? 😀
    Pinterist addicts unite!

  2. I like the “Yes I have an eating disorder. No I can’t just ‘get over it'”
    And James Franco = most amazing human being on earth. Seriously, this man is a genius. Everyone should aspire to be like James Franco.
    I’ve never been on pinterest and while I’m really tempted to do that right now I have two papers to write. Grr.

    • i would definitely recommend going on pinterest after the papers are due 🙂 good luck on the papers!

  3. ohh pinterest. I made an account and then decided I already had too many addicting websites…I mean blogs are bad enough at eating my productivity lol!!! those are some AWESOME pics though….especially love the Marilyn Monroe one 🙂

  4. I LOVE THIS! I laughed so hard when I saw that, “this is what I look like when I run.” Story of my life too. I def can’t breathe when I see those hunky men either..MEEROOWW!

  5. I love these and Sweet and Savvy has invited to Pinterest but I already spend too much time on the laptop I am afraid ill get addicted.,…:lol:

  6. James Franco ❤

    That's a great photo of Marilyn Monroe! She's so beautiful. I love old movies because women were more real in them.

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