wiaw #2

Happy wiaw everybody! Today I am going to show you guys my eats from Monday. Yesterday was way too hectic to take pics of all my eats and such so these are from Monday…you know…Monday Funday!

What WIAW isn’t about
Comparison – Judgement – Restriction – Guilt
What WIAW is about
Celebrating one of the glorious things we all have in common: We all eat!

7:30am-Rise and shine!

8:00am-Head off to bio class. Not gonna lie, I actually really like this class. The teacher is super nice and the stuff is interesting. Nerd alert right here!

8:15am-Pre-run snack time. This bar was good. I’d buy it again. I have no idea what they were talking about when they said there was almonds in here. I didn’t taste it. Oh well, it was still good. My fav is still the mint chocolate 🙂

chocolate cherry almond protein luna bar

8:50am- Out of class and heading back to my room.

9:00am-But first…I pick up a package at the mail room! Can anybody guess what this shirt is from??

hint: one man wolfpack










Any guesses??

best movie ever....

9:15am- Out on a run. I wasn’t sure how long I wanted to go for. I just figured I would go as far as my body wanted me to go. Well my body didn’t have to tell me…the weather did! It started to rain part way through so I decided to take it home. Ended up being 5.04 miles. I’m good with that 🙂 I should probably start tapering anyways considering my marathon is in less than 2 weeks! Eeeeeep!

10:00am- Back to my room. None of my roommates are up yet. Booooo. So I make a protein shake. It’s a water, ice, and Big Train expresso protein mix. Review to come for sure!

sorry...blurry pic!

10:15am-11:30am- Check emails, watch VH1 music videos, and talk to my momma on the phone.

11:30am- Head on over to the caf and grab some lunch. I had the usual…

salad with shredded carrots, kidney beans, black beans, mushrooms, roasted squash, hummus, bbq sauce and a sweet potato

I ❤ bbq sauce. I’m almost running out! This is a major problem guys…

12:15pm- Start to study for my computer science quiz which is at 1:00….do as I say, not as I do!

12:45pm- Walk to computer science, notes in hand.

1:00pm- Class begins.

2:50pm- Get out of class and got a B on the quiz! Woot woot!

3:00pm- Back in my room. I want to sleep. But I watched tv and ate instead…typical.

peach...i ended up only eating half because it wasn't very juicy 😦

4:00pm- Laundry time! When I walked into the laundry room, there was a machine already paid for. Score! Free load of laundry! Yes…that is the highlight of my day. While the laundry is going on, I do some homework. Bio, english, philosophy. Aka…fun, fun, and more fun.

4:30pm- By now, I’m bored of doing homework so what do I do? Eat!

corn thins, pb, apricot jelly. banana with pb. take that ED! double pb 🙂

5:30pm- By now all my laundry is done.

6:00pm- Go to the caf and get some food to go since I wasn’t hungry yet. Guess what i got….a salad! You guys are in shock…contain yourself.

6:15pm-7pm- Watch CSI with the roomies. As creepy as this show can be, it’s so addicting!

7:00pm- Dinner time 🙂 Nothing is better than soup on a cold, rainy day.

Amy's vegetable barley soup and a camera shy orange

repeat photo. corn thins, pb, jelly. banana and pb. Haley-2. ED-0.

7:45pm- Some friends come over and then we leave to go see Dream House. (Side note: I don’t do well with scary movies so this was a big step for me!)

8:15pm- Movie begins!

10:00pm- I survived! It really wasn’t that bad…besides the part where my friend scared me. But that’s beside the point! I don’t want to give anything away but I’ll just say that it was similar the Shutter Island.

10:30pm- We find our way to In-N-Out. Oh joy. I sit while my roomie eats and they scare me with scary stories. Thanks guys…thanks.

11:00pm- Back to the dorm and it’s time for me to eat! Chocolate chip oats. Wow guys…this tasted like a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie. So good! I used Enjoy Life chocolate chips. A review for this to come as well!

oats, water, stevia, enjoy life chocolate chips

11:15pm-1am- I stayed up late with my rommies. Nothing like wasting away some sleep when you can spend some quality time with the ones you live with

So I hope you all enjoyed wiaw #2! But before I go, I wanted to say that I was looking at the calendar today for my 21 before 21 goal. It’s intense to say the least.

Oct 16: first full marathon

Oct 21-23: triathlon camp with the club

Oct 29: full or half marathon (depending on what I feel like)

Nov 6: half marathon

Eeek! The last two are not for sure but I still really want to do them. We’ll see!! 😀 Have a great wiaw!

Any good eats lately?

What your favorite condiment? bbq sauce all the way….


14 thoughts on “wiaw #2

  1. mmmmm chocolate chip oats!!! and your salads look pretty awesomesauce too if I do say so myself!

    my favorite condiment….definitely spicy brown mustard at the moment. I even put it on some pear slices the other day lol!

  2. You schedule makes me miss college! There is just nothing like the day in the life of a college student!

    Coconut butter is both my favorite condiment and my favorite eats lately. I cannot get enough!

  3. My favorite condiment is enchilada sauce. Not sure if that exactly counts, but I like keeping some extra around 🙂

  4. My bestie sent me Dr. Pepper bar B Que sauce for my birthday and we’re trying it out tonight. Your salad looks fantastic. I would have never thought to put all those things together but I bet they just work. I’m stealing it. 😉 Love the shirt, too.

  5. I LOVE that you have that shirt. Def most hilarious movies ever. I kind of wish my life was like that or maybe it is and I just forget…haha love your eats! Totally want to eat everything.

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