Real Foods Corn and Rice Thins Review + 5 Thing Survery

Hey fellow health freaks! Before start today’s post, I just wanted to say…you are all amazing. Thank you so much for your sweet, beautiful, inspiring comments on my post yesterday. And I’m so happy that so many of you guys don’t let the scale rule your lives anymore. Like I said…screw the scale! I figured that I would take a day off of the anti-ED stuff for today. I’ll post part 1 of my story on Thursday (I can’t do it tomorrow because it’s WIAW…duhhh!). So for today, I have a review and survey for ya’ll. Enjoy 🙂

I recently received a package from Real Foods, a company based off of Australia. They specialize in making corn thins and rice thins, both of which are gluten free. Also, their packaging is GMO freeee! (Which means is contains no genetically modified ingredients). The company was gracious enough to send me three flavors: Corn Thins Original, Corn Thins Tasty Cheese, and Rice Thins.

Corn Thins Original

  • Organic
  • Fat Free
  • 22 calories per slice
  • 10% dietary fiber per serving
  • Gluten Free
  • Ingredients: Organic Corn (98%), Organic Expeller Pressed Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt
  • My thoughts: These were delicious! They tasted just like popcorn but without all the butter. It would be great to add stuff to the top such as veggies, hummus, nut butter, avocado, etc. I loved the crunch that came with each bite. Sometimes, rice cakes can be too airy but these were compacted so they were very flavorful. Plus, 5% of your daily fiber for just one?!? That’s great!
Corn Thins Tasty Cheese
  • All Natural Flavors
  • Less than 8% fat
  • 28 calories per slice
  • My thoughts: Not gonna lie, I was a bit skeptical on how these would be but they blew my skepticism out of the water! The cheesy flavor was not too overpowering. They tasted just like the Original flavor but with a nice, subtle flavor of cheesiness. For not being too much of a cheese fan, I really enjoyed these!
Rice Thins
  • Fat Free
  • 23 calories per slice
  • 4% dietary fiber
  • Gluten Free
  • Ingredients: Whole Grain Brown Rice (99%), Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Natural Herb Extract
  • My thoughts: These tasted very similar to regular rice cakes. But that’s no problem for me because I love me some rice cakes! Some people might think they’re a little bland, but I like bland food (I know…I’m wierd). Add a little pb and jelly to the top of one these bad boys and you would be good to go!
Overall, I loved this company. The corn thins were definitely my favorite but I will be on the lookout for all of them next time I go to the market. They are available in a few markets such as Albertson’s and Raley’s but I have also seen them at Whole Foods.
Note: Real Foods sent me these samples to review. They did not pay me to say any of this. Each and every piece of opinion is solely mine.
Have you guys seen this 5 thing survey going around the blog world? I thought it would be fun to fill out and share so lezzz go!
Last 5 people I talked to on the phone:
1) daddy
2) my best bud
3) mommy
4) mommy
5) daddy
(I love my mommy and daddy :))
Last 5 meals I ate:
1) Erewhon Brown Rice Cereal with Bananas
2) vegan tofu parmesan, green beans, salad with hummus, barley pilaf
3) Jamba Juice Apples ‘n Greens smoothie (apple-strawberry juice, green veggie juice, peaches, mango, bananas, ice)
4) raw oats + peach chobani + greek yogurt + almond milk + chia seeds + ground flax seeds
5) Corn Thins 🙂
Last 5 Places I Traveled:
1) Alaska
2) Seattle
3) Portland
4) Hawaii
5) San Francisco
Next 5 Places I Will Go:
1) Shower
2) Bed
3) Dining Hall
4) School 5k Run
5) Library
Last 5 Workouts:
1) 11.19 mile run
2) spin + weights
3) 5 mile run
4) 10.5 mile run
5) swim + spin workout
5 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now:
1) Life
2) My family (as usual)
3) The Weather (bring on the rain!)
4) Running
5) Seeing Ryan Gosling on my wall everyday 😉
Now it’s your turn! Pick 5 and tell me about yourself 🙂 

5 thoughts on “Real Foods Corn and Rice Thins Review + 5 Thing Survery

  1. Those products sound so good.
    The next five places I will go are:
    1)My room
    2)the bathroom
    3)the mall (maybe)
    5)home again

  2. I love eating hummus on rice thins. It’s so good!

    5 things that make me happy right now:
    Kabocha squash, warm fuzzy slippers, running through crunchy leaves, having a good hair day, and holiday themed socks!

  3. 5 Things I’m Excited for in October:
    1) Hangout sesh with my Dad this weekend
    2) 13 Nights of Halloween on ABC Family
    3) University of Mary Washington Homecoming!
    5) 1 Year Wedding Anniversary with the Hubs


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