UliMana Truffles Review + how to take full advantage of the school dining hall

I recently received some truffles from a great company based out of North Carolina: UliMana. They specialize in organic, raw, vegan truffles, and cocoa spreads. Their packages also say they are dairy free, gluten free, and agave sweetened. The company was gracious enough to send me 4 kinds of their truffles: coconut, coconut nectar, peppermint, and goji cherry.

First up: Coconut Truffles

ingredients: organic cocoa powder, organic cocoa butter, organic agave, organic coconut, organic vanilla beans, and celtic sea salt

Let’s be honest here. I love coconut. It’s no lie that I could eat it in my oatmeal, on my fro yo, in my cookie, etc. So when I saw what the flavor was, I jumped right into the pack. The outer layer of coconut flakes was the perfect balance for the chocolate. The chocolate is so rich and creamy! Like seriously….if you want to turn your family/friends into health freak, then this is the treat to give them.

Next: Coconut Nectar Truffles

ingredients: organic cocoa powder, organic cocoa powder, coconut nectar, organic vanilla beans, and celtic sea salt

The difference between these truffles and the Coconut ones is that this one contains coconut nectar. That adds an extra punch of coconut in the middle. I had never had coconut nectar before but I now want to try it in more things. The flavor of coconut was not too overwhelming. Basically just the right amount once again.

And now: Peppermintingredients: organic cocoa powder, organic cocoa butter, organic agave, organic vanilla beans, celtic sea salt, and peppermint essential oil

Oh. My. Truffle. This stuff is no joke. Just imagine a health freak’s version of a New York Peppermint Patty. That’s right folks. These were uhhhmazing. I got a hit of the peppermint right off the bat and then there was the smoothness from the chocolate. Yeah…I’m in love.

Lastly: Goji Cherry

ingredients: organic cocoa powder, organic cocoa butter, organic agave, organic bing cherries, organic goji berries, organic cocoa nibs, organic vanilla beans, and celtic sea salt

This was my first experience with goji berries and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Well you guys…I loved them! There was a nice balance between the fruitiness and chocolateness. There was also a nice crunch with the cocoa nibs in there. I will be using goji berries more often now πŸ™‚

My thoughts? So so soooo good! The chocolate in every single truffle flavor was so creamy and decadent. My favorite would have to be the peppermint but the goji cherry came into close second. If you guys want to learn more about this product, order some online, or just drool over the pictures, then head on over to UliMana’s website. I just want to say thank you so much to UliMana for sending me the samples! I loved each and every one πŸ™‚

Note: UliMana sent me these samples to review. They did not pay me to say any of this. Each and every piece of opinion is solely mine.

Β Now to the next part of my post for today: How to take full advantage of your school’s dining hall.

don't let that food go to waste!

Here are my hopefully helpful tips: (My school has a buffet style dining hall so that’s what I’m basing my tips off of.)

  • Always grab a piece of fruit on your way out of the dining hall. Most have apples, bananas, and oranges. I have a whole lot of bananas sitting on my desk just waiting to be smothered in some peanut/almond butter!

this is an old pic...my stash has grown

  • Grab some bread from the caf. Simply take a napkin and wrap a few pieces of bread in it. Then you can either save that bread for later or freeze it.

mmmm carbs πŸ™‚

  • Speaking of bread, take full advantage of the suggestion box. (Just not so much that it’s annoying). When I toured my school last year, I saw that they had Udi’s Gluten Free bread in the “gluten free” section of the breads. When I went to the dining hall this year, I noticed that they didn’t have this bread. So guess what I did…suggested it! And then they got it πŸ™‚

ask and you shall receive

  • If your school dining hall has a “meals to go” option, use it! There are times where I don’t feel like eating at the dining hall. I would rather eat some oatmeal, a smoothies, or other things. For example, this morning I didn’t feel like having the breakfast from the caf. So I got the meal to go (they give you a to-go box) and filled half up with grapes and the other half with hard boiled eggs. I got 8 hard boiled eggs! A new record for me πŸ™‚

okay i didn't get that many...

  • So once you get the meal to go, you’re left with the cup to go. Since I don’t drink soda, what am I supposed to fill it up with? You could get iced tea for when it’s a hot day. Or you can get milk! That is my personal fav to get because when I get the milk, I then mark the date on top and put it in the fridge for when I want to use it! I can put it on cereal, in smoothies, in oatmeal, etc. I haven’t had to buy milk once πŸ™‚ if you want to get really into the dining hall thing, fill the cup up with cereal or soup (i may have done that ;))

this girl doesn't pay for milk!

So those are my tips on how to get the most out of your dining hall! Hope it helped πŸ™‚

Now if you excuse me, I will be eating some trufflesΒ and fist pumpingΒ πŸ˜‰

Question: Have you ever had these truffles before?

Any tips on how to take advantage of a college dining hall?


21 thoughts on “UliMana Truffles Review + how to take full advantage of the school dining hall

  1. I’ve never had those truffles before..and I don’t know if I’m the biggest fan of coconut… πŸ˜› Like, I’d eat it but I don’t think I’d eat a ton of it for pleeeassure. I dunno…

  2. Never had truffles at all!! They look so yummy though and maaan those ingredients are good! I LOVED your tips, especially the bread one hehe

  3. I neeed those truffles asap. I want a healthy version of a peppermint patty in my mouth. So jealous that you go to sample all of these yummy treats.

  4. you’re lucky your school has buffet style! my original uni didn’t have that!! we had actually a fairly restrictive meal plan. now i don’t even have one, and i’m pretty sure the school i’m studying at now doesn’t have buffet style anyway. i wish i could have maximized my money in the past 😦 the only thing we got to steal for free were plates

    • yeah my sister’s school is the same way…super restrictive on what you can eat and how much. i would say about 75% of the schools i looked at did not have buffet style, so yes i am very lucky!

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