wiaw #1!

happy wiaw!! thanks to jen over at peas and crayons for putting on such a great thing every single week! for this week, i thought it would be fun to share my eats and a day in the life of the health freak college girl. sound like a plan? lezzz go

9:45 am – wake up (i got to sleep in because my 8 am english class got canceled. yipeee!). speed walk to the cafeteria in my pj’s (taylor swift shirt and all) because it closes at 10 am. i wasn’t feeling the caf for breakfast so i just got lots of fruit to go and saved it for later

10 am – make it back to the dorm and fix myself a delicious breakfast. also watch some teen mom with the roomie

2 rice cakes with almond butter and apricot jelly, an orange, and blueberry chobani mixed with greek yogurt and topped with chia seeds (the addition of greek yogurt is to add an extra punch of protein. bam!)

10:45 am – head to computer science lecture/get ready for some excitement

11:00 am – begin lecture

obviously it was a very interesting lecture

12:50 pm – out of lecture and head on over to the study abroad fair that is going on. after talking to the people at this fair, i want to study abroad soooo badly! i picked up my fair share of pamphlets 😉

take me away!

1:30 pm – grab some lunch from the caf and head back to my dorm

1:45 pm – time to chow down! (lunch was very similar to last night’s dinner)

salad with black beans, kidney beans, cucumber, carrots, a hardboiled egg white, and hummus

2:15 pm – check emails, call momma, stalk catch up with people on facebook. you know…the usual. ooh ooh and i picked up a package! what could it be?? stay tuned!

2:45 pm – drag my butt to philosophy class

3:00 pm – beginnnnn class…oh joy

3:30 pm – get this pic from my sister…and begin to drool

so. much. kombucha.

4:50 pm – out of class and done for the day! holla!

5:00 pm – back in the dorm and have a quick snack of erewhon brown rice cereal, bananas, and almond milk

yes i ate it out of a measuring cup. all my other bowls were dirty from oatmeal. don't judge

5:10 pm – totally go ‘awwww’ over the picture on bing today

awwww! i want one!

5:15 pm – finally ordered a good running watch! it will be here on thursday and i am already counting down the moments until it is in my hands

Garmin Forerunner 305....so. exciteddd.

5:30 pm – head out on the run from hell. yeah…it didn’t go well. in fact, if you follow me on daily mile (you really should follow me by the way), you would have read:
5 mi 00:45 08:54 pace

that run sucked. i had cramps, i had to go to the bathroom, it smelled like horse manure, and every other sucky thing a person could think of

i know…not fun stuff

6:30 pm – get dinner to go from the caf and save it for later

7:00 pm – triathlon club meeting! i love this club. everyone is so supportive and happy to be there. and guess what we’re going to do! a triathlon camp! i’m so excited! it’s gonna be legend..wait for it…ary. (who can name that show??)

8:00 pm – dinner time! i had something besides just salad tonight (gasp).

steamed broccoli/cauliflower. salad with carrots, kidney beans, cucumbers, and red wine vinegar. vegan polenta with mushroom tomato sauce (it's hiding under the pile of broccoli)

followed by:

strawberry chobani mixed with fage greek yogurt and topped with chia seeds

8:45 pm – shower and get ready for some shut eye

9:15 pm – watch the lying game. anybody else totally love this show?? not gonna lie, my heart still totally goes out to pretty little liars. but the lying game is still really good 🙂

 10:15 – go to bed. i had a workout with the triathlon club at 6:30 am so i needed to go to bed early!

there you have it folks! a day in my life. i know, i know. it’s so exciting you can hardly contain yourself but hold it in!

i hope that everyone has a great wiaw!!

Question: How was everybody’s wiaw?

Anybody else watch the lying game?


11 thoughts on “wiaw #1!

  1. Yes, I love the lying game but I agree, Pretty Little Liars is just a little bit better. I love my garmin forerunner. It is so amazing and my favorite running partner!

  2. ahhhh nawww bing foxy cubs playing at being cute FTW haha.
    your eats look soooo tastey! Cant believe how the the salad bar is at your college! so lucky, my one was so fricken bad just fried greasyness everyday meal everyday.

    ahhh i love getting parcels, exciting! xxx

    • yeah i’m really lucky to have a great cafeteria at my school! i totally recommend taking advantage of the suggestion box 🙂

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