kitchen gadgets i want/need + lollihop

i love kitchen stuff. it’s no lie that i could spend hours in william-sonoma, sur la table, or bed bath and beyond. if i was rich (and i will be one day…just wait) i would have so many kitchen gadgets that i would need a whole new room to store them in. here are some cool kitchen gadgets that i want and if there is any super cool people out there reading this, i gladly take donations 😉


i love popcorn. i just don’t love all the butter and salt that companies add to the microwave bag kinds. this would be great because you just add popcorn, microwave, and pop! then you got some healthy popcorn 🙂

spice and nut grinder

this would be uhhmazing to make some nut butters in! that way, i wouldn’t have to kill my food processor every time i attempt to make almond butter

herb saver

how many times do you guys buy some basil, sage, parsley, or cilantro, just for it to go bad a few days later? this is the story of my life. but with this…you can keep the herbs fresh for much longer!

lab tools cookie cutters

any other science fans out there? just me? that works. anywaysss these things are just too cute! maybe you could even get some extra credit if you make you science teacher some cookies in these shapes 😉

mini cupcake maker

this one needs no explanation…

salt and pepper birdy shaker

i love salt and pepper shakers. when i get my own place, i will have the cutest salt and pepper shakers. just wait! it will come true

ninja cookie cutters

so you know how i said i wanted those lab cookie cutters earlier? well i lied..i want these…or both

vegetarian dish towels

these towels are too cute!

i can’t wait til i’m rich because i am going to be buying all of these things plus a lottttt more!


has anybody ever heard of lollihop before? the company sends the most nutritious, tasty snacks to your doorstep every month.

some of the products in the box could include justins nut butter, pro bars, terra chips, kaia foods, go macro, kind bars, larabars, and so so sooo much more. it changes depending on your lifestyle. the company works super hard in helping people eat the best food for them as possible. i totally recommend going and checking them out!! there are three different plans you can do (12-month, 6-month, and monthly). if you decide to sign up, make sure to use my referral code: Haley-health freak 🙂 you will love this company…trust me!


my night last night was spent catching up on jersey shore and enjoying dinner after a long run 🙂 it was the first long run i have done since being sick and boy did it feel good! it ended up being 10.5 miles. it’s runs like that which make me realize just how much i love the sport and why i continue to do it day after day

salad with 2 hardboiled egg whites, carrots, kidney beans, black beans, tomatoes, and hummus. and then a sweet potato with bbq sauce

let’s just say it was a good night 😉 fist pumpin! yeeeahhhh buddy

Question: Any cool kitchen gadgets out there you like?

Who’s a Jersey Shore fan??


9 thoughts on “kitchen gadgets i want/need + lollihop

    • i want a juicer too! i have tried to convince my parents with no luck 😦 and sorry to hear about your blender! at least it broke doing a good thing 😉

  1. I love shopping for kitchen gadgets. I want a vitamix! I would use that cupcake maker to make muffins. My friends almost bought me a circus animal waffle iron once. It was adorable!

  2. Haha, love the ninja bread men!
    I’m like you; I’d love the cupcake maker and salt and pepper shakers, the grinder… I even have to stop myself buying more cake tins and baking trays because I know I’ve got enough!
    I’d love a Vita-mix though… 🙂

  3. i LOOOVE fun shaped cookie cutters!! i have an annual tradition of using “preppy” animals and making lilly pulitzer cookies. like… full on paisley elephants and all. it’s always fun (and delicious). the dish towel is adorable! i’m having such a hard time living without a food processor, but thankfully i do have my favorite appliance with me : the apple corer. i don’t know what i’d do without it…. i probably wouldn’t buy apples, and that’d be tragic. thanks for sharing that fun snack link- i’m DEFINITELY checking it out today!!

    • awww those cookies sound so cute! cookies are always better when they’re in a fun shape 😉 and i have to check out the apple corer!

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