essentials for the health freak college dorm

happy monday! yes it’s a happy monday because if you look at it any other way, then it will be a longgg week.

today i wanted to talk to you guys about essentials that every college kid should have when they’re a health freak. your roommates may think you’re weird (not that they didn’t think that before or anything), but you just might be able to change them to your ways! so here we go….


almond milk - great on milk, in coffee, and in smoothies

tea - no explanation needed


oatmeal – great for a meal, snack, or anything in between

rice cakes - yes, some people call these 'diet foods' but they're not when you slather them with pb&j! mmm so good

CEREAL! - this wil become your best friend in college. my favorites are cheerios, puffins, kashi, and annie's honey bunnie o's


greek yogurt - i like to sweeten mine with agave and vanilla extract


protein powder (whey, soy, pea, etc) - great to add into oatmeal and smoothies or yogurt for an extra punch of protein

organic fully cooked chicken strips

Nuts, Nut Butters, and Seeds

all natural peanut butter - i have justin's on hand because i stocked up when it was a smokin' deal

almond butter - like the pb, there are a bunch of different kinds

ground flaxeed - good in oatmeal and on cereal and yogurt

chia seeds - like the flaxeeds, they're good in oatmeal and on cereal and yogurt

trail mix - great for on the go snacks


hummus - this is great to dip veggies in or if you have a salad, it's a great alternative to dressing

jelly - can't go wrong with pb&j!

sweetener of choice (honey, agave, stevia, etc) - this stuff is good to sweeten up greek yogurt or to add to oatmeal

vanilla extract - great to add to greek yogurt, oatmeal, or coffee drinks

emergen-c - my fav is pink lemonade

i hope this helped anybody going into college or currently in college. a lot of it is learning to adapt to your new home. so far i think i’ve done good 🙂

in other news, i got an internship! it’s a really small position, but a position nonetheless. it’s called the HEAL program (Healthy Eating Active Living). what i will be doing is working with kids at the local YMCA and teaching them about the importance of eating healthy and physical activity. i have a meeting with the head lady today and i am so excited! there is nothing better than doing something you love 🙂

i hope everyone has a great rest of the day!

I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.  ~Author Unknown

Question: Any ideas for what a college kid should get?



16 thoughts on “essentials for the health freak college dorm

  1. OMG where did you get those pre-cooked chicken breasts?? I have been looking for something like that forever. Also that sounds like a super awesome internship. I want to do something like that with kids and nutrition.

    • i found the chicken at a costco near san francisco! apparently whole foods has them too? but i have never seen them there 😦

  2. sounds like a great internship! that sounds so awesome! i want to intern this summer in south africa teaching nutrition to women with HIV, but i highly doubt my mom’s going to let me go to africa OR work with HIV patients. you never know…. also, emergen-c is AMAZING. i get it free at work and it’s such a blessing

    • going to south africa and doing that sort of work would be totally amazing! an experience of a lifetime for sure!

  3. I also love almond milk! It is definitely a staple in my room at school!!!
    I also always try to have bananas and apples on hand, which can be difficult at time, but I definitely find it necessary!
    I ALWAYS have oatmeal and greek yogurt in my room – Im not sure what I would do without those products hahah!
    OH and baby carrots with roasted red pepper hummus from whole foods (I’m slightly addicted)

    • yay!! more health freaks like me! and the way i get apples and bananas is by ‘stealing’ it from the school cafeteria 🙂

      • I do that same thing!!! hahah except the bananas and apples are just not that great, i mean they are not handing out honeycrisps apples thats for sure. but i make do with what ive got!

      • hahah yeah they definitely are not handing out honeycrisps at my cafeteria either! haha

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