costco trip and how to become coupon savvy

happy saturday everybody! the weather here is nothern california is turning into my favorite. i’m sure you’re all thinking sunshine. well nope! cloudy! i love love loveee cloudy weather. there’s just something about it that makes me feel so at ease and comfortable. there’s nothing better than snuggling up on the couch, watching tv, and drinking some tea πŸ™‚ plus this means that i can run at any time of the day! i don’t have to wake up super early or wait super late because now it is cool all day. they’re even predicting rain for tomorrow! eeeep!

enough about the weather. today i went to costco with the roomies. they needed to pick up the usual college stuff (cup of noodles, chips, popcorn, etc). i, on the other hand, picked up some great stuff (for those of you in the bay area, i am SO jealous of your costcos! they sell so many local, organic products)

frozen organic berries and fresh blueberries

organic pre-cooked chicken

organic individual hummus packets

chobani yogurt in peach, strawberry, and blueberry flavors

almond butter

crispy brown rice cereal

there you have it folks! a health freak’s costco trip πŸ™‚

by the way…notice anything missing?? that’s right! almond milk! i only bought one carton yesterday at whole foods to hold me over until today but costco wasn’t carrying it 😦 booooo


i got a few questions yesterday about couponing so i figured it would be a good time to share my secrets πŸ˜‰ (click on the pic to go to the site)

i get a lot of my coupons from the whole foods websites/the monthly book they have in stores

of course, the whole foods ones are only allowed to be used at whole foods. that’s why i have other sites i like to go to in order to be able to use coupons at other stores i shop at

healthy life deals sends out daily emails with great coupons that can be found

organic deals is very similar to the one above because they also send out daily emails

mambo sprouts sends out periodic emails with their coupons. they also have a monthly booklet full of coupons that can be found at some health food store

all these sites have been lifesavers to my wallet and have helped me continue to eat the foods my body deserves

there are also many companies that have coupons when you sign up to get their emails. a few of them include:

Udi’s Gluten Free


Pure Bars


i really hope this helped you guys! i want everybody to realize that healthy food does not have to be expensive. you can still do it without breaking the bank!

i hope you all have a beautiful rest of the weekend! i know i will with this weather πŸ˜‰

Question: What’s your favorite weather?

Any good couponing tips?


16 thoughts on “costco trip and how to become coupon savvy

  1. I love getting the coupon books at whole foods and going through them. Not only do they have awesome coupons, but the recipes are pretty good too!! I’ve never heard of those coupon websites so I’m definitely going to check them out. I love scoring sweet deals!

  2. i was literally thinking of making a “how to shop at whole foods without spending your whole paycheck” post! seems you beat me to it (a bit). as a WF insider, i’ll have to let you know that going on the weekend is the best time to go because there are EXTRA deals. more to come lately. but thanks SOOO much for these links- i LOVE coupons!! they’re the best.

    • i didn’t know that about going on weekends! thanks for the tip πŸ™‚ and i think that post idea is great. i would definitely be reading it!

  3. I wish there were more coupons in this country, I’d be right on it if there were!
    And I know it’s boring but I’m a real sun-worshipper, the more the better… but because this is England, I don’t see it as much as I’d like although it’s been beautiful these last few days πŸ™‚

    • i think that people want the opposite of whatever weather they grew up in. like for me, i have lived in orange county all my life where it is always sunny. now i want clouds and rain!

  4. Awesome coupon tips!!!
    We do not have Costco in PA and I wish we did! It has so many excellent organic options! I miss it! 😦
    I love crisp and cool fall weather. Right now it is still in the 80s and I am not a fan.

  5. I love using coupons when shopping! Whenever I see a sale AND I have a coupon, I feel like I just won the lottery or something! Haha! I use Mambo Sprouts a lot, but hadn’t heard of some of the others…thanks for the links. I’ll be sure to check them out soon!

    We don’t have any Costco’s in my town either so I’m seriously jealous of your haul…especially your JUMBO jar of almond butter! Mmm!

    I’m not much for cloudy weather…I’m definitely a lover of the sun….which is why Tennessee winters are so hard to endure…we rarely have cloudless days from November to February 😦

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