whole foods trip and other random happenings

hey guys! like that totally random hummus recipe yesterday? yeah, me too. i’ve been meaning to write about it and i had some down time so bam! there you go!

guess what i did today…went to whole foods! i was out of cereal and all those shenanigans so i went today to pick up all the goods. here’s the loot:

peanut butter puffins and island vanilla kashi

i have had this kashi cereal before and i liked it a lot. plus it was on sale for $3.50 and i had a $2 off coupon, coming to $1.50 for a box of kashi cereal. #winning

my Β newest obsession is restored : puffinssss

unsweetened vanilla almond milk

on sale for $2 plus i had a $1.25 off coupon, coming out to $.75. i needed some to hold me over until i go to costco and restock

fage 0% greek yogurt x 2

these bad boys were on sale for $2.99 each plus a $2 off coupon. that comes to a total of $1.99 each

justin's chocolate peanut butter

this is a new to me product so i hope it’s good! but i mean…how can you go wrong with chocolate + peanut butter + justin’s? that’s right..you can’t πŸ™‚ this jar of goodness was on sale for $4.99 plus i had a $1 off coupon, coming to $3.99 for the jar

sweet potatoes x 2

i have been cravinggg some sweet potatoes lately! and the caf only has them in fried form so i took it upon myself to tame my craving. all i need to do is poke it with a fork a few times, wrap it in a damp paper towel and microwave for a few minutes. mmm…. i think it know what’s for dinner tonight

trail mix

at the whole foods i went to, there was a trail mix bar! so i loaded up…and ate someΒ all of it πŸ™‚ in the mix, i had almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate pieces, date pieces, and toffee coconut peanuts (yes…they’re as good as they sound)


i love owls! i feel like janetha with my love of them. i was at tj maxx returning some running shorts so i just had to look around. you know how it is… when i laid my eyes on this little guys, i knew i had to have it. $10 later and he was all mine! he’s actually bigger than he looks in the pic. probably the size of my head

yeahhhh buddy!

my sister’s birthday is coming up soon (the big 21) so i had to get her a nice little gift to welcome her to the party. when i was at a party store today, i knew this was the thing to get! $1.75 later and she is going to be ready to partyyyy


on the fitness aspects of things, i am super stoked because i am finally starting to feel better! i’m even going to go on a run later today πŸ™‚ let’s hope that i survive…especially in this heat

Question: Have you found anything good at Whole Foods or any store lately?

How’s your fitness going?


13 thoughts on “whole foods trip and other random happenings

  1. Way to be a good couponer. Usually before I go to whole foods or any health market, I look online for coupons to make things cheaper. I found gluten free cookie dough at Whole Foods and it is pretty great. My fitness is a total fail. I tried to get up to run this morning, but I was too tired, so I slept in.

    • ooh i’ll need to keep an eye out for that cookie dough next time! and don’t worry about the running thing…it’s happened to me manyyy times haha

    • i know exactly how you feel about the whole foods distance thing! my hometown is about 45 min away from a whole foods but now that i am off to college i live in what i call the “whole foods triangle.” there’s one about 10 minutes away in three directions…and i’m smack dab in the middle haha

      and i will definitely keep you posted on the pb!

  2. I have a bunch of sweet potatoes sitting on my counter begging to be baked. I’m just so lazy that I always forget and they end up going bad! Every time i go to whole foods I buy some fun new thing along with my usual staples. I’m really excited to get the new clif bars next time I go!

    • i can literally spend all day in whole foods haha. it’s like my disneyland! and i’m super stoked for the new clif bars too!!

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