oatmeal win and oatmeal fail

i sureeee hope you guys checked out the song from yesterday’s post. so good. while that song is just plain good, another song i am loving right now is Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland. not only is the song good but the music video is hilarioussss

so yesterday i made a different bowl of oatmeal than my usual because i don’t have access to my regular kitchen stuff. boooo. this one was just as good though not gonna lie!

so this bowl had rolled oats, milk, a banana, vanilla protein powder, cinnamon vanilla extract and coconut extract then topped with a healthy dose of almond butter 🙂 deliciousnesss right there folks!

since this bowl of oats was so good for last night’s dinner, i decided to make it again for breakfast…


but this girl is not about to let a bowl of oats go to waste. a little pick up and the dollop of almond butter and it was good to a-go-go! note to self: keep an eye on the oatmeal when it’s cooking next time 😉

in other news..me and the roomies decorated our wall!

isn’t it beautiful?! one of the roomies brought over all of her seventeen magazines from over the years and we went buck wild and decorated the wall 🙂

i have a favorite pic…


nobody touch him or even look at him! just kidding you can look at him because that would be too cruel 😉

now i’m off to stare at ryan gosling philosophy class!

Question: Any oatmeal fail stories?

Do you have a celebrity crush?


6 thoughts on “oatmeal win and oatmeal fail

  1. I do that to my oatmeal at least once a week! haha. I always get distracted by other things in my kitchen and before I know it.. there is a mess! I’m always tempted to just lick my microwave clean. 😉

  2. That happens to my oatmeal at work sometimes…so weird. And do I have a celeb crush? Girlfriend you better believe it’s Ryan Gosling. LOVE. And do you love he has like 2 new movies coming out? Yessssss! Have you ever been to f–kyeahryangosling.com? I promise it’s not a dirty site although it has a very dirty word in the title. It’s worth a peek. Many photos of Mr. Gosling as well as some pretty hilarious captions! 🙂

    • i’ve never heard of that site before!! i gotta check it out 🙂 i saw crazy stupid love when it came out and oh. my. gosling. i fell in love

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