i’m sure you guys are wondering…what is that w doing in the middle of wiaw? well because this is not a normal wiaw post folks. this is a what i wish i ate wednesday. being in college, i am not able to have access to a kitchen or my momma’s home cooked meals. soooo this post is dedicated to what i wish i could be eating (in no specific order). lezzz go!

first up: momma’s meals i miss

roasted brussel sprouts

wheat berry salad (click on the pic for the recipe)

vegan chili

Next up: meals i wish i could make (click on the pic for the recipe)

whole wheat honey flax and sunflower bread from "A Hint of Honey"

pumpkin spice granola from "A Healthy Passion"

slow cooker seitan carnitas by "Peas and Thank You"...okay i want to make all of Mama Peas recipes...don't judge

dairy-free nachos from "Spoonful of Sugar Free"

now i’m hungry…

before i leave you guys, i wanted to share with you my latest song obsession. enjoy 🙂

now i’m off to listen to this song on repeat and try to make seitan carnitas in the microwave

Question: Any good recipes lately?

What is your favorite song at the moment?


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