MaraNatha Roasted Almond Butter Review

good night/morning fellow health freaks! i’m wiped from the half marathon today but it’s still a bit too early to go to bed :/ so i figured i would do another review!

next product up for review is….

MaraNatha All Natural Creamy Almond Butter

how many of you out there love almond butter? i hope all of you guys raised your hands because it is a staple in my dorm! they sell this almond butter at the local costco for a smokin’ deal so i decided to buy it. i was hesitant because i am in loveee with the trader joes roasted almond and flax seed almond butter (anybody else love that almond butter too??). anywho…i decided to give this one a try because it was such a good deal and you can’t go wrong when the only ingredient is dry roasted almonds.

only 1 ingredient!

hand me the spoon cause mama’s gonna dig right in!

of course, it’s delicious on bananas…

my almond butter heart still goes out to trader joes roasted almond and flax seeds but this comes into close second. plus you can’t beat the price for how big the jar is!

Question: What’s your favorite nut butter??


7 thoughts on “MaraNatha Roasted Almond Butter Review

  1. I just found your blog through your comment and I love it! I have been seeing Maranatha Almond Butter on sale but have been hesitant to try it! I am a Trader Joe’s girl at heart, but we no longer live by one. 😦 I think I will give this a go! 🙂

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