Yogi Detox Tea Review

i hope you guys caught my recap on my half marathon! to be honest…i’m exhausted. and nothing helps exhaustion better than a steaming mug of tea. i saw this yogi detox tea at whole foods the other day and it was on sale for $3 plus i had a $1 off coupon. $2 bucks for a good tea brand…it was basically free 😉

i’m a huge fan of yogi tea. i have been happy with all their products so i’m more than happy to try new ones. i got the detox tea and on the back of the box it says it helps support the liver, kidney and blood flow. whether or not that’s true…i don’t care because the tea had such good flavors! it had a fruity, flower flavor combined with some spices i couldn’t quit put my finger on. it even contains organic dandelions!

so would i buy this tea again?

you betcha! i usually very particular about my teas and just stick to green, but i will make the exception for this one 🙂

another thing i love about yogi are the quotes they put on each tea bag

mine said: “to know others is smart. to know yourself is wise.”

thank you yogi for that thought of the day 🙂

Question: Have you ever had this tea or any other yogi products? 

What’s your favorite kind of tea?


8 thoughts on “Yogi Detox Tea Review

  1. i am such a coffee drinker… i WANT to like tea, but i just can’t force myself to drink it. i even went so far as to buy “sugar cookie sleigh ride” tea, thinking i must be able to drink that one but…nope. oh well, coffee has antioxidants i think? Haha

    • i totally know what you mean! my sister is the same way haha. no tea for her!
      and coffee does has some health benefits so hey, good for you!

  2. congrats on your first half marathon I enjoyed reading your race recap!
    You completed it with a great time too 🙂
    I’ve seen yogi tea at the store but I’ve never bought them. I’m particular too about my tea…generally stick to Green or Peppermint.

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