Moo-Cow Half Marathon Recap

hey guys! how is your sunday so far?? i hope it’s going great!

so as many of you guy know, i ran my first half marathon today! exciting stuff. it was the moo-cow half marathon/5k in petaluma (a city about 1 hr from san francisco). and now time for the recap that was bound to come….

oh and by the way, i woke up with a sore throat this morning. of course…just my luck.

5:00 am-alarm goes off

5:30 am-out the door and ready to goooo

6:00 am-arrive at the race car and eat breakfast in my car-banana, almonds/walnuts, and candy cough drops

6:30 am-head to the start line and wait in the hugeeee bathroom line

7:00 am-off we go!

9:05 am-cross the finish line with a smile on my face 🙂

My time: 2 hrs 5 min (average pace of 9:36 min/mile)

not too bad considering i decided to do the race on friday and it was my first half marathon:)

My goal: to not walk any of the 13.1 miles

was my goal achieved….

YES IT WAS! woo hoo!

i am happy to say i was able to run all 13.1 miles. pshhh no walking for this girl! i am proud to say that is now my personal best for distance 🙂

how was the course you ask? roughhhh

throughout the entire course, it was rolling hills. up one hill. down a hill. up another hill. and so on… luckily the scenery was b-e-a-utiful! the name did the race justice. i saw plenty of cow, horses, and sheep. of course, with those animals came the beautiful smell that we all know and love. but i was able to get over that because i had so much fun!

another part i loved…instead of handing out medals at the end, they handed out cowbells! how cute is that?!

i am so happy i did it and the weather was great! not to hot but still enough sunshine.

next up…wine country marathon on October 16! a full 26.2 miles. eep!

Have a great rest of the day fellow health freaks!

Question: Have you ever ran in a race before?


11 thoughts on “Moo-Cow Half Marathon Recap

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  2. Congratulations on your first half marathon!!! I’ve run two myself. The first was killer but the second wasn’t as bad…mostly because I trained properly but also because I kind of new what to expect. Good luck on your marathon training!!

    • thanks! and congrats on yours too! for some reason, my shoulders and neck are sore haha. i think it was because i was tensing my arms while running

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