happy new year!

happy new year everybody! well technically on the west coast it will be 2011 in 30 minutes..but you get what i mean. so now i want to tell you all some of my new years resolutions:

  • stop picking at my nails and hair (it is a horrible habit!)
  • stop eating in front of the tv
  • drink more water
  • procrastinate less!

tomorrow marks the day of a brand new me! and i truly believe i can accomplish all of these 🙂

switching topics now…food!

breakfast: i had practice early today and woke up later than i hoped to so i had-

  • toast with pumpkin butter
  • a hard boiled egg white
  • 2 clementines

then after practice, we had weight training so i had a ‘toasted nuts n cranberry’ luna bar (one of my favorite)


  • spinach salad (spinach, beets, tomatoes, red onion, avocado, kidney beans, lentils, light honey mustard dressing)
  • organic vanilla yogurt
  • blueberries

snacks: throughout the day i ate some cuties and blueberries. then i made some homemade pita! it was delicious! i’m not sure how the whole copy right thing is supposed to happen so i just won’t even put the recipe up


dessert: homemade healthy caramel corn! that’s right people! healthy! once again, i’m not sure about copyright but i will say there was sweet potato in it. how much better can it be??

i hope everybody has a wonderful, safe, and happy new year!!

Question: What are your new years resolutions??


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